Mr Hafiz Saifullah was eternally grateful for the relentless efforts rendered by OPC for the resolution of his complaint.

Mr Rasheed Khan was grateful for the help provided by OPC to get back his House from the illegal occupants. He praised and thanked OPC for resolving his issue amicably.

Complainant Speaks about the performance of OPC

My words are powerless to express Gratitude and Happiness, Says Mr Jamil, who got back possession of his Property with the help of OPC. He paid tribute to CM Punjab for Creation of this Commission.

This is how people express their experience regarding complaints resolution mechanism of OPC

Mr. Zahid Munawar Khan express his views.

Mr Nasir Javaid sharing his experience with OPC. He praised CM Punjab for establishing this department. He also appreciated and praised services of this department for Expatriate Pakistanis

Raja Shahid Iqbal, Elated with happiness on getting possession of his plot, Mr Raja Shahid Iqbal, Saluted Commissioner OPC, Afzaal Bhatti's constant efforts.He also paid his tribute to CM Punjab

This is how People express their views. M. Ansar Butt expressing his experience with OPC and Praising Commissioner Afzaal Bhatti for his relentless efforts for the Expatriates.

Ms. Tahira Ubaid Ullah Jubilantly expressed her views regarding Efficient Complaint resolution process of OPC. She also admired efforts put by Commissioner OPC, Afzaal Bhatti with reverence.

Malik Azhar Ali, on recovery of Rs 4.5 crore, expressed views on performance of OPC and paid tribute to CM Punjab and OPC team.