OPC retrieves 25 kanal agricultural land

06 Sep

As a result of the efforts made by Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC) Punjab, agricultural land worth rupees 25 million belonging to an expatriate Pakistani has been retrieved from the illegal possession. Vice chairperson OPC, Shaheen Khalid Butt informed in this regard that Ch Taimoor Ali, settled in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, lodged a complaint that some person has illegally occupied his 25 kanal  agricultural land situated at Hafiz Abad road, Papnakha, Gujranwala. This complaint was referred to District overseas Pakistanis Committee (DOPC) Gujranwala. The members of DOPC made hectic efforts and got the said land vacated from the illegal occupation and handed it over to its original owner. Shaheen Khalid Butt further told that so far half of the received complaints of Overseas Pakistanis have been settled amicably with the efforts of OPC.