Newly appointed Members of OPC, Ms.Sonia MPA and Ms. Khatija Umer MPA called on VC OPC

03 Nov

Newly appointed Members of Overseas Commission, respectable Ms.Sonia (MPA) and Ms Khatija Umer (MPA) called on Vice Chairperson Overseas Pakistanis Commission Punjab, Syed Tariq Mahmood-Ul-Hassan at Overseas Pakistanis Commission Office, Lahore.

The honorable Vice Chairperson Syed Tariq Mahmood-Ul-Hassan presided over the meeting and the provisional members were also briefed on the main agenda&ongoing policies of Overseas Pakistanis Commission.

Addressing the meeting, Syed Tariq Mahmood-Ul-Hassan said that overseas Pakistanis Commission has redressed several complicated complaints in the past years and retrieved property worth billions from illegal possession and OPC is working deligently on redressel the grievances of Overseas Community.