Overseas Pakistanis have been facing immense problems related to different walks of life; for instance family or property disputes, law and order concerns, settling down issues, employment hindrances, etc.

In order to overcome these problems, Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has strategized a plan where an office of Punjab Overseas Pakistanis Commission has been legislated through the Punjab Assembly. The commission has been enacted in law on November 10, 2014. This office is fully empowered by law to look after the welfare of Overseas Pakistanis.

The main objectives of the organization are not only redressing the complaints but also facilitating the citizens in every possible manner, as listed below:

  • Welfare of Overseas Pakistanis
  • Welcoming them in mainstream
  • Addressing their genuine complaints which fall within the provision of the Provincial Government
  • Protection from land grabbing and similar other hazards
  • Facilitation in their investments
  • Removing hurdles and assisting in policy decisions on the basis of suggestions received from Overseas Pakistanis

Punjab Overseas Pakistanis Commission is a Special Institution with Services and General Administration Department of Government of the Punjab.